Looking for a way to stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed?

Here's How You Can Last Longer In Bed Starting TONIGHT and Increase Your Sexual Stamina Permanently

Keep reading and you'll see how you can last as long as you want in bed using an easy step-by-step method!


I can still remember the look on her face after we had sex

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that look told me EVERYTHING….

She was disappointed, frustrated and to be honest, I think she even felt sorry for me.

I had lasted a whole 45 seconds and in her eyes the sex had ended before it even started.  Here I was, with the girl that I had been crazy for and wanted for months, and when I finally got my chance, I blew it. 

I felt like the farthest thing from a man.  Instead, I felt like a little boy who just wanted to crawl under a rock. 

I was embarrassed and ashamed by my premature ejaculation and for the first time it really sunk in how devastating of a condition it was.   I knew right then that I needed to make sure I never saw that look again….

Today I’ll show you how I was able to stop premature ejaculation


Let’s get one thing out in the open right from the start!  Premature ejaculation is embarrassing, frustrating and something that drastically takes away from your sex-life.

And we just can’t escape the fact that women judge our performance in the bedroom!  Obviously they want to be satisfied during sex and will make opinions about a guy based on how well he can satisfy her “in the sack”….

And there’s one “bedroom statistic” that each and every women pays attention to….

If you finish too quickly during sex she’s left frustrated and disappointed while you’re left facing the embarrassment over your premature ejaculation…..

 Two simple sentences from Melissa, a girl who’s dating one of my good friends sums it all up:

“If a guy can’t even last ten minutes than what’s the point?  That’s the kinda guy I laugh about with my friends when we have girls talk……”

And she’s definitely not alone in thinking this way…..

Catch any girl in a moment of honesty and she’ll tell you the exact same thing.  If a guy can’t last a decent amount of time in the bedroom then she’s flat-out disappointed.

They may not ever say it out loud after sex, but they want you to last longer in bed…….


But let’s be honest about this, we can sympathize!  Every man has been in a situation where they are left “teased” or turned on without being able to achieve an orgasm.  

It leaves you frustrated and disappointed.

It’s no different with women!  As much as we might hate it as times, it’s a well-known fact that a woman needs more stimulation and a longer sexual experience than a man in order to be satisfied


If you finish too quickly, you’re not giving her what she wants…..

Now believe me when I say that you’re not alone!  Most men aren’t able to last long enough in the bedroom.  They simply don’t have enough control over when they orgasm.

We’ve all experienced that embarrassing moment of having an orgasm within just a couple minutes……


Isn’t it awful?  It’s such a humbling experience.  And you never know what to do after…….

Should you apologize? 

Make up an excuse? 

Hope that she didn’t notice?

Talk about frustrating!


If there’s any “good news”, it’s that over half of all men suffer from premature ejaculation at some point in their lives.  You’re not alone.

And better yet, it’s something that you can be fix and permanently cure so you never have to worry about facing the embarrassment of premature ejaculation again.

Most guys just figure that there’s nothing they can do to last longer in bed.  They might try different so-called “tricks” to delay when they orgasm, but these don’t solve the problem.

But you can’t just start thinking of golfing or your grandmother during sex to try to fight off an orgasm!  Almost every guy has heard of this tactic but we all know it doesn’t actually work!

And listen to this next point VERY carefully.  You don’t have to be embarrassed if you don’t last long in bed right now….


You just have to take action and do something about it


That’s where the Unlimited Sexual Stamina Program comes in…

last longer in bed

“A quick word of thanks for putting this guide together.  I read it, put it to use, and now I’m a machine in the bedroom.  I’m like the energizer bunny now cause  I can keep going and going!  I hate to sound cocky, but I owe you big time.”
Jeff Sims



Today I’m giving you the chance to stop premature ejaculation for good and gain the confidence in the bedroom that you want.  It’s time to forget any of those embarrassing moments in the past and make sure they don’t happen again!


Listen, the fact is that the average guy lasts 3-6 minutes in bed.  And the average women says that to truly be satisfied they need 15-20 minutes of intercourse.

If you’re struggling to last this long every time you have sex, then you’re letting your woman leave the bedroom unsatisfied.  And unfortunately this means she’s more likely to “move on” or look elsewhere……..


How would you like to be able to last as long as you want?  To be the guy that every girl WANTS to be with?


Here’s How You Can Make It Happen…..


I’m going to show you how to be in complete control of how long you last in the bedroom and literally give yourself unlimited sexual stamina between the sheets.

This is your chance to be “the man” and completely blow away any woman who’s lucky enough to have sex with you!  Fact is, if you sleep with a women and are able to last for a long time, you automatically get the honor of being nonstop on her mind…….


You’re About To Become The Man Every Woman Dreams Of In Bed!

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When a girl finds a guy who can last as long as you’re going to be able to they can’t help but want more sex from him. 

I always say that there’s a good reason why so many men complain about not having enough sex.  It’s because the girl they’re sleeping with just isn’t excited by the idea of having sex with them!

Bottom line, women are just as crazy about sex as men!  However, if they aren’t getting fully satisfied by their man then they just don’t have the same sex drive as we do.  They need a man with strong sexual stamina to get their motor running……


If you can be the guy who tears off her clothes, throws her on the bed, and makes sex last as long as it takes for her to “get off” –  I can guarantee you that you will be having more sex than you’ve ever had before!


Which brings me to my next VERY important point…..


Fact is, you can’t control premature ejaculation by using “temporary” solutions.  

And I’ve come across so many ridiculous ideas and suggestions about how to last longer in bed!

The famous one is to close your eyes and think of something “unsexy” during sex.  I even had one guy say he tried to think of his grandmother during sex so that he wouldn’t be as turned on!

I don’t have to tell you how friggin stupid that is!   Wouldn’t you rather be able to concentrate on how amazing the sex feels and be able to control when you orgasm without needing to bring up any of these stupid thoughts!?!?

That’s why I put together the Unlimited Sexual Stamina program – to make it possible for you to last as long as you want in bed without any silly gimmicks.


I want you to imagine for a second how perfect it would be to be able to have sex for as long as you want and to have complete control over when you orgasm.   To be able to decide the exact moment when you “finish”…

With this program I guarantee that’s exactly what will happen!


And you won’t ever need any desensitizing creams, extra thick condoms or other nonsense to last longer in bed – I’m going to show you how to be able to jump in the sack anytime you want, under any condition and have the ability  to last as long as you want.  


So say goodbye to sex that only lasts a few minutes…..

Now it’s time to last longer in bed and supercharge your sex-life!

Here’s a Taste Of What You’ll Learn In This Program:


  • Give Yourself Unlimited Control Over How Long You Last In Bed!
    The average guy lasts anywhere between 3-6 minutes in bed. I hate to sound harsh, but this isn’t long enough for most women!  The Unlimited Sexual Stamina program is going to make you a marathon man in the bedroom by giving you both the mental and physical ability to last as long as you want in bed.  If you want a quickie – no problem.  But if you want to completely blow your partner away and last for hours during mind-blowing sex, you will have absolutely no problem doing so
  • Instantly Make Yourself Last At Least 15 Minutes Starting Tonight!
    As I mentioned before, the Unlimited Sexual Stamina program is designed to train you to have unlimited control over when you orgasm within just 2-8 weeks.  But what if you want instant results?  Don’t worry – I’ll show you exactly how you can jump in the sack tonight and last for a minimum of 15 minutes.  Starting tonight you’ll last far longer than most men and impress your women with your staying power
  • Make Every Other Man She’s Been With Look Like a Pure Chump!
    Don’t fall into the trap of thinking women don’t compare you to other men they’ve been with.  Not only do they compare your performance, but women share with each other explicit details about their sex life!  Wouldn’t you like to be the guy that girls talk about when they talk about the best sex of their life?  This program gives you the power to be a stud in the bedroom and get the sexual reputation that will make girls look at you in whole new way
  • Your Results are Guaranteed to be Permanent and Give You a Life Time of Better Sex.
    The Unlimited Sexual Stamina program delivers lifelong, permanent results that are guaranteed to make you last as long as you want in bed.  This isn’t a short-term fix – it’s a program that will give you complete control over when you come for the rest of your life

You’ve probably noticed that I have called this a “program” several times.  Let me explain why……

Unlimited Sexual Stamina is a step-by-step plan that shows you how to train your body and mind to last as long as you want in bed.  It’s like a training program for your sex-life…..


  • First, I’ll show you how to instantly last longer in bed starting tonight
  • Next, I outline for you what you need to do to continue to increase your stamina for the long-term so that premature ejaculation is permanently a thing of the past……
  • And it’s all laid out for you in a step-by-step “program” that makes it easy to follow.  At the end you’ll have complete control when you orgasm.

The methods I’m about to show you are proven techniques that are safe, easy and 100% effective.  

As you go through the program, your stamina will increase on a daily basis.  

You’ll be able to last longer, better satisfy your woman and I can guarantee you you’ll be having a lot more fun with your sex life!


At the end of the program you’ll have Unlimited Sexual Stamina and complete control over when you orgasm.  

That’s the end result of following this program – being able to not only last longer in bed, but literally last as long as you want during sex!


“I know you probably get a lot of guys who are single or young that buy your program, but I’m a 38 year old married man who was in a struggling marriage.  Our sex life was basically non-existent before and my premature ejaculation was the main reason for this.  It was embarrassing and I could barely last three minutes.  I won’t babble, but I went through your program and the results have been amazing.  It’s completely rejuvenated me and my wifes sex life.  Our whole marriage is SO much better now.  I can have sex now for longer than I have ever been able to and my wife never leaves the bedroom unsatisfied.  Thanks – you saved my relationship!
Bill Porter


The reason I call it a program is because your stamina increases as you work through the guide.  It’s an ongoing process that takes 2-8 weeks to complete.

And believe me – your efforts will be rewarded!  

Sex will last longer, your partner will be more satisfied and you will never have to worry about coming too quickly again……

All you need to stop premature ejaculation is to take a few minutes a day and follow the steps outlined in the Unlimited Sexual Stamina guide.  

It’s incredibly easy to follow and you’ll start seeing results right away.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you start to see results…..



“This Stuff Is Pure Gold!  You’ve Made Me A Stud In The Bedroom!”

Here’s Some More Of What You’ll Discover In The “Unlimited Sexual Stamina” Program:


  • An easy to follow, step-by-step action plan that puts you in complete control over exactly how long sex lasts and when you orgasm
  • A simple trick anyone can use to not only make sex last longer, but also to make your orgasms much more powerful!
  • The shocking truth about what you should or shouldn’t think about during sex – it’s not what you might think!
  • Discover the “knock-out” technique that puts on the instant brakes when you’re just on the verge of having an orgasm…
  • Why thinking that premature ejaculation is “all in your head” actually make things worse – and how to permanently change that!
  • Uncover how to produce more of a natural chemical that your body produces that plays a huge role in increasing your staying power
  • Discover a critical mistake that almost all men make during sex – and trust me, for many men, this one’s a deal breaker…….


I don’t have to tell you how much better your life will be once you have unlimited sexual stamina……

Better sex.

More sex.

A reputation as a sexual god

It’s all within reach!

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And I’m going to personally guarantee  that the Unlimited Sexual Stamina program will make your sex-life better than you ever imagined possible.  Here are the complete details on the program and the cost:

So how much would you pay to gain complete control over your sex life and push it to a level that you’ve never experience before?  For most men, sex is important enough to them that they’d pay a whole lot….

And thankfully, the Unlimited Sexual Stamina program isn’t expensive.  Even better, today I’m dropping the price to the lowest price that I’ve ever offered!

The regular price of this program is $77.  This gives you the complete edition of the Unlimited Sexual Stamina guide along with full support from me as you go through the program.

You get all the tools you need to make yourself last as long as you want, whenever you want.

But I’m going to make it even better for you!


Right now I’ve decided to run a promotion for you to make this program even more affordable.  If you act now, your cost is only $47 for the entire package.

You get the whole package from start to finish and you save yourself $30 at the same time.  It’s not a monthly fee, it’s a one-time only charge that will allow you to permanently cure premature ejaculation.

That’s all you need to pay to permanently put an end to worrying about finishing too quickly during sex.  It’s $47 that you’ll be happy you spent – I promise you that! 


I’m trying to get even more testimonials to use on my website, so in return for the price drop, I would love to hear about your success with the program.  You’re not obligated, but I sure would appreciate it!


And I should also point out that you don’t have to buy anything else to complete this program.  Unlike other so-called solutions, there are no pills, lotions or any “equipment” that you need.  

And just in case there’s any doubt in your mind, I’m gonna make it a “no-brainer” for you by offering an iron-clad full 60 day moneyback guarantee:

how to last longer in bed


The fact is,  you have two options now. 

You can put this off and forget that you ever landed on this webpage.  

But we both know that this is one of those times in life where it’s time to take action and throw away any excuses.  It’s time to put an end to a problem that is holding you back…….

And that’s why I’m giving you my personal money-back guarantee!  I don’t want there to be anything stopping you.  There’s literally nothing to lose – your purchase is fully guaranteed!

I want to show you how easy it can be to last longer in bed and gain unlimited sexual stamina with this easy to follow, step-by-step guide that has already worked for thousands of men.

Just Imagine never having to worry about having an orgasm too quickly.  Never feeling any “guilt” for sex not lasting “long enough”.

The opportunity is there – now it’s just up to you to grab onto it and take action!

Here’s A Quick Sum-Up Of The Program….


With “Unlimited Sexual Stamina”, you’re getting a scientifically sound, user-tested and proven solution to stop premature ejaculation once and for all.  

My promise to you is clear – my guide will show you how to make sex last as long as you want within just a few weeks.  It’s a dynamite solution that has already helped men all over the globe super-charge their sex-lives.

I’m also going to show you a set of “quick-fixes” that you can use right away to boost your stamina and last longer in bed by anywhere from 5-20 minutes.  You’re getting both a short-term and long-term solution, all wrapped up in one simple guide.

And of course, you get my iron-clad money-back guarantee.  If your stamina in bed doesn’t skyrocket to the point that you can last as long as you want – I don’t want your money!  If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, you get your money back, no questions asked.


Here’s how to download your copy:

Click the “get access now” button below to complete the transaction.  And as I mentioned, because of the current promotion, you will only be billed $47 instead of $77.

Immediately after the transaction you will be taken to a screen where you can download the program.  I will also be emailing you a personal download link that you can use to download the guide and get started.  It’s that simple!



Use the “Get Access Now” button above to receive instant access to “Unlimited Sexual Stamina”.  You’ll be reading it within just a couple of minutes and I’m absolutely POSITIVE that you’ll be stunned with the results you’re about to achieve!

Unlimited Sexual Stamina is an ebook meaning you’re able to read it instantly on your computer after downloading it.  Within minutes you’ll be on your way to being able to last longer in bed!

And thanks to the internet, this website never closes!  You can grab your copy anytime and download the program, even if it’s 3:00 in the morning!



All the best,




Mike Beckett
Sexual Therapist & Author of “Unlimited Sexual Stamina”


P.S.   The past doesn’t mean anything at this point – you now have the power to completely transform your sex-life and gain the staying power most men can only dream of.  No more embarrassment, no more frustration, no more guilt – just the thrill of being able to make love to a woman for as long as you want.

P.P.S.   Remember that I’m 100% behind you here.  Not only am I giving you my 100%, 60 day moneyback guarantee, but I’m also here to help you along the way.  At any point throughout this program, I’m just an email away.



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